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Pypkote 4MM Tape

Pypkote AW 4 mm is a Coal Tar Based Corrosion Protection Tape conforming to AWWA C 203 specification. It comprises of a Coal Tar based mix supported on a fabric of high tensile strength Fibreglass. The mix is specially manufactured to have properties of high softening point, high penetration and high resistance to ageing. Tape is terminated on both exteriors by thermofusible HMHDPE Film which aids in the installation process.

Application is fast and easy. The pipe surface is first cleaned with a wire brush. Resin based Synthetic Primer is applied on pipes immediately after cleaning. This is to prevent any further accumulation of rust on the pipe. After the synthetic primer is applied on the pipe, it is allowed to dry for about 30 minutes till it becomes touch dry. Before adhering the tape to the pipe, it is advisable to gently heat the synthetic primer coated pipe by a run of LPG torch. The bottom surface of the tape is heated by LPG Torch or any heat source. The tape is wrapped either by spiral or circumference method over the pipe. Overlaps are maintained with a minimum of 12.5 mm. A final coat of White Wash is done immediately over the entire coated pipe.

Over weld joints, the tape is applied after the necessary welding and testing of the joints are completed. The procedure for application of tape is the same as bare pipe procedure. Overlaps on each side of the weld joints are to be 50 mm.

Pypkote tape is recommended for application closer to the time of pipe erection and lowering inside trenches to avoid damages to

Pypkote. While in storage, Pypkote Rolls must be stacked properly under cover.

Characterstics Test
1 Softening Point C ASTM D-36 65 to 121
2 Thickness Measurement 4mm
3 Penetration at 25 C, 100g, 5 Sec, dmm ASTM D-5 3 to 20
4 Filter, % IS 1217 20 to 30
5 Heat Resistance ASTM D-146 Does Not Drip at 100 C
6 Tensile Strength , N/5cm, Min Lengthwise Crosswise Din 52123 >300 >100

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